Community Guidelines

Wake Forest Community of Communicators,

With your collaboration we can connect the talents, expertise and strategic efforts of individuals and teams from around campus to tell a more effective Wake Forest story. This message board keeps us connected throughout the year and bridges the gap between meetings.

The Community of Communicators Message Board is a good way to:

  • Share noteworthy articles on communication practices and examples from outside Wake Forest
  • Alert our shared network to upcoming events or marketing activations
  • Engage the group in conversation around an idea
  • Recognize a colleague for particularly effective communications
  • Crowdsource opinions
  • Seek help in finding resources, content, story subjects, etc.

Email is a better way to:

  • Engage individuals or a small group of thinking partners
  • Request expert advice on a specific project
  • Share files
  • Coordinate schedules

The CER Request Form is a better way to:

  • Request time and resources in support of a specific project or initiative

Note that you must be signed into the message board using your Wake Forest network credentials to submit a topic or comment on an existing topic. You will be asked to categorize each new topic you create. Choose the category that best fits your topic, and use “General” or “Other” when necessary. You will receive an emailed digest each weekday with a summary of new topics and new comments posted since the last digest.

Please keep in mind that, while not viewable by members of the public, this board is not absolutely secure. We ask that you refrain from posting any sensitive or confidential information. Please also ensure that any criticism remains constructive, upholding the Wake Forest culture of respect and inclusion.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about the message board or digest. You may contact Tina Bice, CER at

I am grateful for your partnership.

Brett Eaton
Senior Associate Vice President, Communications & External Relations